Welcome to Rock Spot Yokohama

What is RockSpot?

Fun climbing from kids to seniors!

At Rock Spot Yokohama, people of all ages, from 7 year olds to 73 year olds, are challenging bouldering.

Using logical thinking, balance, and muscle creates a well rounded workout.

Please enjoy the excitement of climbing with your head and body!


<Business Hours>

Weekdays 15am~10pm
Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays 10am~9pm

*This video has sound. Please be careful of the volume.

RockSpot's special points

Special points① <Routes>

We do not only focus on strength.
We have prepared a large number of challenges in which you need to use your whole body to clear.
We will update the assignments from time to time with the motto of “enjoyable growth”.

Special Points② < Friendly Stuffs >

We do our best to support you.
Please feel free to contact us with any concerns.
We always support you with a smile.


Special Ponts③< Good Atmosphere>

This is not a gym where only serious people gather.
There is no need to compare your level or goals with others.
We cheer for each other with “Gamba” = ” You can do it!”

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What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a sport where climbers ascend several-meter-high rock walls or artificial walls using only shoes and chalk.

Climbers use hand and foot techniques to climb specific routes called “problems.”

Bouldering requires not only strength but also flexibility and observational skills. Additionally, problems are set with varying difficulty levels, ranging from easy ones to those that are challenging even for professionals.

Therefore, it is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from children to seniors, and from beginners to experienced climbers.

①Preparing Your Gear

For bouldering, you’ll basically need just the following four items:

  • Comfortable clothing that allows easy movement
  • Bouldering shoes (available for rent)
  • Chalk and chalk bag (available for rent)
  • Other small items (towel, water, etc.)

②Safety Precautions

Even if you follow all the rules, there’s still a risk of injury when bouldering. To minimize the risk and enjoy bouldering safely, pay attention to the following points:

  • Always trim your nails before climbing
  • Warm up with stretching exercises to get your body ready
  • Be mindful of other climbers to avoid collisions

③Head to Rock Spot !

Once you’re prepared, head to Rock Spot Yokohama!
You can visit our gym without a prior reservation. However, during busy times, priority will be given to customers with reservations.
Additionally, first-time visitors will need to register as a member at the reception desk (time required: 5 minutes per person).
If you want to enjoy bouldering smoothly, please complete the member registration in advance.

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How to enjoy bouldering in Rock Spot

①Let’s Go to Rock Spot!

Grab your prepared gear and head to Rock Spot! The entrance is on the basement level of a charming brick building.

ボルダリングジム RockSpotの施設外観

As you descend the stairs, you’ll immediately see the bouldering walls.

②Registration and Reception

Our staff will welcome you with a smile! First-time visitors should register as members (about 5 minutes per person).

If you complete your membership registration in advance, your visit will go more smoothly!

③Renting Equipment

Change into your exercise clothes and choose rental shoes with the help of the staff.
*You must wear socks.
Rental shoe sizes start from 18 cm. If your child’s feet are smaller, please bring indoor shoes.

④Experience Bouldering

Listen to the staff’s explanation of rules and precautions, and then challenge a simple problem together!
After the lecture, enjoy bouldering freely!

For Children Usage

Childern are welcome at ROCK SPOT.
Uasage of this gym is diffrent according to age, so please refer to the following information.
Additionally, the usage time for those in junior high school and younger is until 8 PM.

For High School and Junior High School Students

High school and junior high school students need parental consent.
For the first visit, parent accompany them, or parent register the student on the website

For Elementary School Students

Elementary school students must be accompanied by adult every time, except for during kids bouldering school.

For Preschoolers

Preschoolers can use the KIDS WALL for free if their guardian pays the usage fee.

Usage Time for Those in Junior High School and Younger

The usage time for those in junior high school and younger is until 8 PM.


Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama City Naka Ward Honmoku-hara 15-6 KFC Building B1(Basement)

30 second walk from “Honmoku-hara” Bus Stop

Phone Number: 070-9076-2725